Why Benardos can help you increase your revenue

Benardos Votre partenaire d’achat et d’intermédiation commerciale en Europe pour les professionnels de la construction

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Benardos provides a network of clients throughout France and Western Europe.

Benardos is based in France and knows how to help you establish long-term business relationships with clients based in Western Europe.

We represent you, manage the supplier relationships for your future clients, and handle customer relations on your behalf. Entrusting Benardos with the development of your export market saves you valuable time.

Furthermore, Benardos offers a professional and unparalleled service.

Much more cost-effective than setting up a subsidiary and quicker than the remote outreach you’d have to deal with, outsourcing the conquest of these new markets to Benardos is the solution.

You can outsource Benardos to strengthen your existing market

Benardos understands the challenges you face with clients based in Western Europe.

You are far away, and you may not fully understand each other, neither the language (even though you both speak English), nor the mentality.

That’s why you can seek the services of Benardos, which specializes primarily in intermediation. It’s our purpose.

We can consolidate and increase your existing revenue with foreign clients through our coordination, translation, and on-the-ground representation. We can directly meet with your clients, face to face.

Because we are specialist

Benardos specializes in intermediation and international purchasing consulting.

Working with us is like working with a specialized and experienced export department while retaining the flexibility of a service provider.

At Benardos, everything is optimized in our service to make it as efficient as possible.

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