Optimize your supplies
of metalwork

Every construction project starts with the right choices.
At Benardos, our purchasing consulting leads you to opportunities and permanent partnerships, so that each supply becomes a step towards success.

Analysis and definition of your supply needs

Benardos’ expertise begins with a detailed analysis of your procurement needs.

We closely collaborate with you to understand every detail of your technical specifications and requirements.

By precisely quantifying and qualifying your needs, together we validate the assigned budget to assure an optimized procurement strategy.

The key steps

  • Analysis of the specifications and technical requirements.
  • Quantitative and qualitative definition of needs, and budget validation.
  • Evaluation of opportunities and risks, with proactive exchanges.
  • Implementation of a procurement strategy.
Analysis and definition of your construction material needs with Benardos purchasing consulting
Sourcing and consultation to identify the best partners for your construction projects

Sourcing and Request For Quotation

After your requirements for metalwork and metallic joinery supplies are defined, Benardos start actively by utilizing its network of European suppliers.

Our goal is clear : to secure competitive offers aligned with your needs.

Each offer is meticulously analyzed to assure its compliance.

We assure that every detail matches your requirements, giving you the confidence that the proposed solutions meet your expectations.

The key steps

  • Supplier sourcing and start of Request For Quotation.
  • Analysis of supplier offers and verification of their compliance.
  • Transmission of offers and technical validation.
  • Supplier selection.

Negotiation and contracting

Successful negotiation is our dedication.

Benardos manages discussions with suppliers, assuring fair and beneficial negotiations for your construction project.

We clarify contractual terms and collaborate with you to select the ideal final supplier.

Once the decision is made, we supervize precise contract finalization and unambiguous order.

The key steps

  • Negotiations with suppliers.
  • Clear definition of contractual terms.
  • Selection of the final supplier.
  • Contract finalization and order.
Negotiation and contracting with construction professionals for the purchase of materials for your construction projects
Management of the supplier of your construction materials for a perfect synergy with your construction projects

Supplier management

The partnership with Benardos doesn’t stop at contract finalization.

Our team proactively monitors production, providing regular reports to keep you informed.

We conduct on-site quality checks before shipment, ensuring that each product meets your standards.

Close logistical tracking assures timely delivery.

We continuously evaluate supplier performance, assuring their obligation to cost, quality, and timeliness.

The key steps

  • Production monitoring and biweekly reporting to the client.
  • On-site quality control at the production site before shipment.
  • Logistical tracking with the client.
  • Performance evaluation with the client and supplier management.

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