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Purchasing consulting:
maximize your possibilities

Our purchasing consulting service is an open door to excellence in sourcing metalwork supplies accross Europe.

From the initial analysis of specific needs to negotiation and contracting, our experienced team guides you through each step.

We are devoted to getting the best deals through our network of reliable suppliers across Europe.

Your success is our priority, which is why we also monitor supplier management to guarantee commitments are fulfilled.

For a complete view of our procurement consulting services and the benefits they provide, explore more of our service offering.

Purchasing consulting for the supply of construction materials and supplies in metalwork, locksmithing and carpentry for construction professionals
Benardos business provider to facilitate links between European and French companies and promote international markets

Business provider:
connect to success

Our business intermediary service expands your business horizons.

As an intermediary, Benardos facilitates connections between European manufacturers and French construction companies, creating opportunities for successful collaboration.

No matter if you are seeking to develop new relationships or improve existing ones, our expertise in coordination, translation, and negotiation facilitates you to navigate Western markets effortlessly.

For more details on how we can fortify your business presence, explore deeper into our business intermediary services.

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