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Our Frequently Asked Questions lists all the questions that are most often submitted to us, and aims to provide concrete and objective answers.

If among the various questions listed in our F.A.Q. you do not obtain an answer to your question or your various and specific questions, please contact us in order to explain your request to us.

Works executives (construction site director, construction site manager, etc.) can benefit from our services to facilitate the purchase of metalwork and metallic joinery abroad for their construction projects.

This allows them to quickly and easily find competitive suppliers in Europe, while benefiting from comprehensive management of tendering, procurement and risk.

Metalwork or carpentry fitter subcontractors can use our service to find competitive and reliable suppliers for their supply needs.

This allows them to optimize their purchasing costs, access a panel of qualified suppliers and benefit from complete coordination for the entire purchasing process.

Metalwork or metallic joinery manufacturing industries looking to outsource part of their production may also find our services useful in finding reliable subcontractors in Europe.

This allows them to optimize their production costs on temporary or regular basis.

Distributors of metal supplies looking to access a new network of fabricators may also find our services useful.

Benardos can help you purchase a wide range of metalwork supplies such as:

  • Metal stairs, walkways, platforms, metal shelters, etc.
  • Handrails, guardrails, fences, gates, etc.
  • Metal cladding, metal fittings and storage, metal street furniture, etc.
  • Mechanically welded structures and sheet metal.

But also from the exterior and interior joinery :

  • Doors and windows, entrance hall, glass partitions, etc.

Working with Benardos means benefiting from competitive prices at quality and deadlines that meet standards, but also :

  • Saving time and resources.
  • Minimized risks associated with buying abroad.

Working with Benardos means benefiting from knowledge of the foreign market.

Benardos works with all nationalities of suppliers, as long as they are efficient and trustworthy.

However, Benardos mainly develops its supplier network within the European Union.

Benardos does not aim to win market parts from French metalwork and joinery manufacturers but instead aims to help and support its French customers, who wish to work or are already working with European suppliers, to collaborate with high-performance suppliers, trustworthy, and which meet French quality and ethical standards.

This is why Benardos focuses mainly on the development of an EU supplier network in addition to the advantages linked to administrative and fiscal harmonization.

Finally, Benardos wishes to benefit the end customer above all by allowing him to deal directly with manufacturers and consequently establish a permanent inter-European relationship.

Contrary to popular belief, transporting supplies and materials does not represent an excessive cost. It takes about 1€ to 1.50€ per km to request a full truck.

For example, the easternmost capital of Paris within the EU being Tallinn (Estonia), Tallinn is only 2,500 km from Paris (i.e. approximately 5 working days of transport).

Other examples:

  • Paris – Prague (Czechia): 1,000 km;
  • Paris – Lisbon (Portugal): 1,700 km;
  • Paris – Budapest (Hungary): 1,500 km.

In conclusion, most European suppliers are on average only 2 to 3 working days away from transport time.

The selection of suppliers within the Benardos network is based on fundamental criteria such as cost, quality and deadlines.

However, our approach goes beyond by focusing on performance management.

Suppliers are evaluated not only for their competitiveness, but also for their adaptability, their ability to work with Western customers and their economic stability.

These criteria are evaluated taking into account the suppliers experience with Western customers, their history, their reputation and their interpersonal skills.

Our priority is to favor efficient and solid suppliers in order to establish permanent relationships based on mutual trust.

Intercultural management is one of Benardos’ major resources.

The multilingual skills as well as the cultural knowledge of Benardos allow a fluid communication with the suppliers.

Contrary to popular belief, no. The procurement process remains similar.

Steps such as ordering, supplier invoicing and financial transactions remain the same could be it is a foreign or domestic supplier.

In addition, if the supplier is based within the European Union, customs formalities do not apply and VAT is processed intra-community, which more simplifies operations.

Yes, absolutely : Benardos is perfectly suited to an international approach.

With the assistance of Benardos, the process is optimized in such a way as to eliminate any distinction between local and foreign suppliers for the customer.

The only notable difference will be the delivery time, which can extend from 2 to 5 working days maximum due to the location of the suppliers.

However, thanks to the expertise of Benardos and the logistics management of the supplier, this minor temporal variation will not be noticeable for the customer.

Yes, absolutely : monitoring supplier performance and total service satisfaction is an essential component of Benardos’ value proposition.

These services are intrinsically included in Benardos’ offer, which aims to establish permanent and satisfying relationships for both its customers and its network of suppliers.

Absolutely : Benardos’ field of expertise and skills is not limited to metalwork and joinery.

Benardos can also support you for various and varied needs in the construction sector, industry and in other related fields such as metallurgy.

Benardos offers controls at suppliers to guarantee the quality and conformity of production with the Specifications.

Benardos offers its clients a pay arrangement based on packages.

Once the supplies of the order managed by Benardos have been delivered to their destination, the agreed package is considered finalized.