A Tribute to Innovation

At the intersection of history and innovation, Benardos connects the traditions of the past with the promise of a collaborative and prosperous future.

A heritage of innovation : Nicolaï Benardos and electric arc welding

The Benardos story is rooted in the innovation of Nicolaï Benardos, the engineer who transformed the industry with his invention of electric arc welding.

This significant advancement transformed metal assembly by positioning the foundation for modern metalwork.

Today, bearing his name, Benardos is dedicated to maintaining this tradition of innovation by promoting stronger and more efficient connections between European and French businesses than ever before.

A heritage of innovation: Nicolaï Benardos inventor of electric arc welding
Collaboration and reliability in metalwork-locksmithing and carpentry: Benardos manages intermediation between construction players in Europe

Collaboration and reliability in metalwork

At Benardos, our mission transcends borders.

We facilitate collaboration between our customers and competitive foreign suppliers in the fields of metalwork, and joinery.

By overcoming language, cultural and trust barriers, we open the way for successful and long-term partnerships.

By partnering with efficient manufacturers in Europe, we facilitate our clients to reduce procurement costs on their construction projects while gaining secure access to the European market.

From analysis to delivery, quality first

Benardos does not stop at simple intermediation.

Our obligation to quality is reflected in every step of the process.

From careful analysis of purchasing needs to coordination with trusted suppliers, we assure permanent relationships and high quality supplies.

We supervise production, carry out on-site quality controls and assure logistics monitoring.

Our integrated approach guarantees metalwork, and metallic joinery solutions that meet your expectations and surpass your objectives.

From the analysis to the delivery of your building materials, quality above all at Benardos

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